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[caption id="attachment_780" align="alignleft" width="277" caption="Just the 2 of us"][/caption] Each mother's day I treat myself to something handmade. This year I decided to treat myself to something I made - you see, I am always creating for others, but never for myself. As I was looking around my house for some kind of inspiration, I came across a project that I did about 10 years ago. It was a Photoshop rendering of myself and my son walking in my back yard. The image was inspired by a poster I saw in a big box store - either Target or Walmart...

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That someone is my son. I bribed him with a snicker bar to pose for the picture seen below.   Some one's knocking at the door. I changed the image to gray scale and printed it to a piece of cotton fabric. I added flowers to the basked using various spring colored silk ribbon. I think they pop against the black and white image. xoxo Al

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I am an artist to the core, I am happiest when I am immersed in creativity, unfortunately, this personality trait is also a handicap. Recently, my son was away for a few days and about 2 days into his trip, I realized that I had not uttered a word to another human since I said goodbye to my son - no a text, no email, nothing.  I was wrapped up  in creativity. This is not unusual, sometimes an entire week will pass and the only person who hears my voice is my son. I need to change this, I have...

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