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Bath Mat

No one likes the feeling of cold linoleum on their feet as soon as they step out of a hot shower. Which is why bathmats were invented! And these ones are quite stylish as well.

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Cacti Garden Pillow

Great for rooms with a southwestern decor, this dessert themed pillow can act as a counterpoint to dark toned upholstery or as a thematic cornerstone of the whole room. 

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Shower Curtain

The first thing one sees when they walk into the bathroom is the shower curtain. Which is why you want one that looks plenty inviting!

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For all of the writters, doodlers, and listmakers out there who want the outsides of their notebooks to match the creativity on the inside.

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Floor Mats

Not only are door mats the first line of defense in preventing dirt and debris from entering your home, they are also a nifty way to greet your guests and family with style and color before they even enter your home.

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Kitchen Linen

These are not your mother's dish rags. These tea towels and cloth napkins are stylish environmentally friendly alternative to disposable paper napkins.

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