Koi Pond Shower Curtain

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"The words "koi" and "Nishikigoi" come from the Japanese words (carp), and (brocaded carp), respectively. In Japanese, "koi" is a homophone for, another word that means "affection" or "love", so koi are symbols of love and friendship in Japan".

(Source: Wikipedia)

The original digital art print of a koi pond garden embellishes this shower curtain. It's perfect for an apartment or condo bathroom refresh. 

The full-size shower curtain is 100% polyester with 12 button holes for hook placement.

The back of the curtain is blank. 

Machine wash in cold water, use gentle cycle only. Do not bleach. Dry flat only.

  • Size: 70" x 73"
  • One side print
  • Hooks not included