Al McLeary Illustrations

Biophilic Design Trends – Bringing Nature into Offices and Homes

A collection of original illustrations for beach goers, garden lovers and fitness fenes. 

These illustrations are featured products showcased They transform boring, everyday home and garden accessories into fun and original statement pieces. 

If you are living a biophilic lifestyle and you are into all things boho chic, then you've come to the right place. 

Beach Theme Illustrations ​

sleeping dog
watching the night
Beach views
Blue moon
pink scooter
para sailing boating
Couples yoga Boating Sunrise girl surfer
Beach picnic jet sking Juno beach Lucea bay
Afro mermaid Black mermaid illustration Golden Mermaid Mermaid Under the sea
Blue scooter Lighthouse Juno
Paddle boarding
Tandem bike
red sea
Boardwalk bike
red moon
Beach life
Canoe beach running sea shells and succulents

Garden Themed Illustrations

2 dogs
Red door spring concert Lighthouse Bicycle in the garden
House plants Koi pond Palm and cactus Wine in the garden
Porch garden Blue house garden bench Swan Lake
Cactus and succulents garden gazebo
Bird in the garden
Spring Garden
Birds in the garden Flamingo garden
bike and birds
Fall garden
Cacti garden
Cactus sun Cacti
Blue birds succulents River
Red bike