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What is a Tea Towel?

[caption id="attachment_1464" align="alignright" width="200"]Not so stuffy Not so stuffy tea Towel[/caption] A tea towel is a cloth typically used to spread over a tea tray before tea cups, tea pots and other tea paraphernalia are put onto it.  In addition, clean tea towels may be, or used to cover warm muffins, cakes and cookies or a tea pot to prevent heat loss. Some people, especially in North America, use tea towels for drying dishes and cutlery after they have been washed. Others use them as guest towels to dry your hands after washings. I am the product of a former British colony, I guess that explains my daily use of tea towels and my love of all things tea. And although you can pop down to your local big box store to get these versatile kitchen textiles, I felt the need to create a line of tea towel that defy the norm. My designs are influenced by my surroundings. I may be going for a run on the beach or at the park and I will see something that most people may take for granted, but that random image will show up in one of my designs. [caption id="attachment_1466" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Butterfly in my Garden Butterfly in my Garden[/caption] Who doesn't like butterflies. I have a container garden on my balcony and one of my greatest pleasures is sitting outside, having a cup of tea and watching the butterflies fluttering around my plants. [caption id="attachment_1465" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Water Under the bridge Water Under the bridge[/caption] I live in south Florida where the terrain is flat - in fact most of Florida's land mass is below sea level, but as I was running across a historic bridge in a tiny town in South Florida, I kept envisioning some mountains in the distance. when I designed this tea towel, I decided to add the mountains - I think it adds interest to the image. [caption id="attachment_1470" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Time for tea Time for tea[/caption] These are not your mother's tea towels:) These tea towels are designed to be conversation starters - they are art work for your kitchen. They are bold, colorful and whimsical - they are distinctively different; they each tell a story. What do you think? xoxo Al

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