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Vintage Silk Ribbon Embroidery Projects

What is the definition of vintage? Honestly, I have no Idea - my friend Michelle the fashionista says it's anything purchased more than two seasons ago - (My closet is totally vintage). Anyway, I was cleaning up the files on PC and I came across a few projects that I completed more than 10 years ago. [caption id="attachment_454" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="How does your garden grow?"][/caption] The images shown above was done on a pillow cover about 10 years ago. I found the image of the girl in one of my son's coloring books, I scanned it, digitally colored it, printed it on T-shirt transfer paper and ironed it onto the pillow cover. The garden is free form - it is a series of silk ribbon stitches - spider rose, lazy daisy and ribbon stitches. [caption id="attachment_455" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Check out the lady bugs"][/caption] The lady bugs on the project are made from Rosary pea. They grow on vines and can be found all over South Florida. A simple straight stitch formed the legs. I also came across some wash rags that I embroidered by hand for my cousin's wedding. I did 12 of them - one for each member of the wedding party. [caption id="attachment_456" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Robynn and Omar"][/caption] These were done 12 years ago so they are vintage embroidery in my book. [caption id="attachment_457" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="I should have used a machine"][/caption] The tablecloth shown below is truly vintage. It was done by myself and my mother circa 1976. I do not remembered how long it took us to do this project, what I do remember is the blanket stitch. I was about 10 when we took on this project, I can still do the blanket stitch with my eyes closed. [caption id="attachment_458" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Cutwork Tablecloth"][/caption] Yes, I made the tablecloth weights... [caption id="attachment_462" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Table cloth weights from my collection"][/caption] xoxo Al Z2M76ATS2EEY

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