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My Deer Pillow Project

I love going to the zoo. It's a constant source of inspiration. This pillow was inspired by one of my many trips - it features a mom and baby deer. Check out the look on the moms face - she seems so proud. It's the same look I get to when I see my son's report card. Here is a a copy of the image before I printed it to the fabric. [caption id="attachment_719" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="The original Image"][/caption] The image was done in Adobe Illustrator. If you are familiar with Illustrator, you may recognise the grass, the flower that the chicken is holding her beak as well as the the garland around the moms neck, and the bugs crawling in the lower left hand corner. These images come preloaded with illustrator. Once I was happy with the image, printed it to organic cotton fabric and made a 16x16 pillow with an envelop closure back. When I created this pillow, I thought it would look great in a kids room - but once it was assembled, I realized that it would work in any room. Check it out on the Simena Loveseat from in a CB2 show room. I think I will do a wall hanging as well - only, I will stitch a silk ribbon flower garland around mama deers neck. What do you think? xoxo Al

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