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My Big A-- Embroidery Project

Embroidery and Weight loss About 1 year ago, I closed my inbound marketing business and returned to corporate America. I guess the guilt of 'selling out' was so overwhelming that I gained 30 lbs. I had to do something about my bulging belly. I started thinking about the things I did before returning to a 9 to 5, what did i do to relax? - I created - I made something every week. When I am stitching, I don't think about eating because I am not stressed. I decided to embark on a major project, one that would keep me busy for a while. I had an embroidery pattern that I picked up for .25 cents in the clearance bin at Walmart a few years ago. This was going to be my relaxation project.
Embroidery Project
The pattern measures approximately 17 x 23 inches. If I work on it in between my others projects, I should be finished by the end of March. [caption id="attachment_703" align="aligncenter" width="327" caption="My progress so far"][/caption] Since I started, I have decreased my calorie intake to about 1600 per day. Before, I was consuming about 3000 calories daily. [caption id="attachment_706" align="aligncenter" width="344" caption="The Rose"][/caption]

One Rose down, several to go... One pound down, several to go...

Wish me luck




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