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Kettlebell inspired Planter

Who else but yours truly would be inspired to create a plant pot while doing kettlebell swings? I did an illustration of 'skull' several years ago when I was going through my Ed Hardy, skull phase - truth, I was mulling over getting a tattoo but I chickened out - it looks like it hurts...A LOT. Anyway, since the design was generic and unoriginal, I stashed it away in the archives. boxjump Fast forward 6 years later, I am at the box/gym doing the Work Out Of the Day (WOD) - 4 rounds 7 heavy kettle bell swings - and as I am swinging a 44 lbs kettlebell, I was inspired! Have you seen those kettle bells that look like a skull? Well, for some reason, swinging that kettle bell reminded me of the image I had tucked away. Plus the 4 rounds of 15 box jumps and 4 rounds of 10 toes to bars had me seeing dead people. [caption id="attachment_1756" align="aligncenter" width="400"]skull Kettle bell Skull Kettle bell[/caption] Check out the process and the results. I found a few patriotic boxes at Tuesday Mornings, they were not my style, but they reminded me of box jump boxes and they were only .75 cents so I grabbed all 4 that was left in the store.
  • I measured each side of the boxes:
  • Next, I manipulated the image in illustrator, sizing them to fit the box.
  • I printed them on 'sticker' paper, cut them to size then applied several coats of  Mod Podge - allowing each coat to dry in between application. You may print the image to regular paper - printing them to sticker paper simply eliminate the gluing the paper to the box step
  • I peeled the paper from the back of the image, exposing the sticky side, then I affixed the image to the box, trimming where necessary
  • I sprayed a final coat of Mod Podge and plopped in my plant.
skull BTW, check out the VILDAPEL from Ikea - doesn't it look like a mini box jump box? Can you tell that I am a little obsessed with Crossfit :) planter I may have to do a project with this flower pot.    

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