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Its a Jungle Out There

[caption id="attachment_1243" align="alignleft" width="219" caption="going Vertical"][/caption] I am running out of room in my back patio garden - it's getting a little crowded back there. The logical thing would be to stop buying plants, but I am not a logical person - well I have my own brand of logic. I decided to go vertical. I have a lot of unused space on the walls, so some shelving should do the trick. I stopped by Ikea and picked up some inexpensive shelves and wall hooks. The the Water-resistant MOLGER shelf is perfect for the covered back patio. It's Solid birch and it protected with clear polyurethane/acrylic lacquer. I think it should hold up well in humid Florida. I mulled over painting it a bright color,  gave up on that idea - I did not feel up to priming and painting. The HYLLIS galvanized shelving unit was another of my Ikea purchases. It's a steal at only $14.99. It's a little light weight, but I like the spacing of the shelves. I can fit taller plants on that unit. Again, I thought about painting it - I think it would look great in a bright yellow - But, I was not in a painting mood. I may still do it - we'll see. [caption id="attachment_1250" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Room for growth"][/caption] Now I need to dust off my drill and get ready to put some hooks on the walls to accommodate more plants - after all, its prime real estate - I cannot allow it to go to waste.  

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