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How to make a Ribbon Stitch

...Using Silk Ribbon [caption id="attachment_757" align="alignleft" width="281" caption="The silk ribbon ribbon stitch"][/caption] Step 1. Bring the needle up through to the right side of the fabric (at A) and pull through. Step 2. Lay ribbon flat on fabric and insert needle at B, piercing ribbon and the fabric. Step 3. Pull through slowly to the back of the fabric until the desired petal shape is achieved. (Ribbon will curl into B, so don't pull tightly, or effect will be lost). To vary curl, pierce B to right or left of center of ribbon width. Step 4. Work 5 petals for each flower. Add a french knot or a crystal bead to the center . Now wasn't that easy? Using the technique described above, I decided to make a Easter/spring bouquet to grace my walls. For the project, I went to my silk ribbon stash and picked out  all the spring colors that I thought would look great in spring time bouquet.  A yellow and white cotton gingham fabric would be perfect for the background! I like adding unexpected materials to my projects, so I collected some sticks from my backyard to use as the basket. [caption id="attachment_765" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Easter Basket"][/caption] While gathering the sticks, I noticed some air plants and some Spanish moss on the tree. I decided to add these to the project as well. What's an Easter basket without Easter eggs? Polymer clay to the rescue! I rolled various colors into an egg shape and glued them to the final project. Here is another ribbon project featuring the ribbon stitch. [caption id="attachment_761" align="aligncenter" width="302" caption="Sunflower"][/caption] Happy Stitching. xoxo Al

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