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Happy New Year (2014)

2013 was a year an exciting year. When my corporate position position was eliminated, I panicked and I immediately started to search for another position. Getting a new job should have been easy, After all, corporations should be clamoring for a person with my qualifications - but what I found out is this. When you are in the online marketing space, you need to compete with the 20 somethings who are willing to offer their service for free. Well as they say, When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, so that is what I did. You see, during my down time, I designed whimsical or some would say quirky pillows and other home decor items. I started by sketching the images floating around in my head, then I would fine tune them on my computer and once I was satisfied, I would transfer the final image to fabric or any other medium of my choosing. Finally, I would put the product out in cyber space and hoped for the best. Thank fully, many of you liked what I was offering, so, the al mcleary design company was born. Well enough about that;). Several months ago, I was sitting at a stop light and a VW Bug from the 1960 or 70s pulled up next to me. I immediately got a flash back to my childhood - you see, I learned to drive on an old 1966 VW bug that my dad had restored. Naturally, I was inspired to create something - maybe a pillow. [caption id="attachment_1412" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Volkswagen Bus Volkswagen Bus[/caption] volkswagen bugs and vans are reminiscent of the the hippie movement, so I used a a gradient of red, green and yellow as the back ground for the pillow. [caption id="attachment_1407" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Volkswagen  Hippie chic Pillow Volkswagen Hippie chic Pillow[/caption] Remember I said I learned to drive on an old 1960s bug? well, here is how I remembered it. [caption id="attachment_1406" align="aligncenter" width="400"]vw_fire_bug 1960s VW Bug Pillow[/caption]

I kept asking my dad to add flames to the side of the bug, but he would not comply, so I decided to add it to my design:)

I am hoping that 2014 will be a year filled with inspiration. I will be sharing my inspiration with you on this blog, if you are so inclined, please leave me a comment  - tell me what you thing of what I am doing.

1960_bug2 Look how great they look on a simple taupe couch from Crate and Barrel:) [caption id="attachment_1415" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Couch from Crate and Barrell Couch from Crate and Barrel[/caption] Have a creative year! xoxo Al

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