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Crafting With My Mom

I have been busy creating and fulfilling Holiday orders so I have not been able to update my  blog as often as would like - (SEO Note - updating your blog at least 3 times per week increases you ranking on the the major search engines). Anyway, my friend Liz has offered to share a story about the joys and challenges of crafting with her mother. Liz's S. Crafting with her mom [caption id="attachment_610" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="My Friend liz - Tennis Pro"]Liz[/caption] When I was in the first grade, my mom made me a bride’s costume out of some old white lace curtains.  I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  Although it was a chilly October, she managed to salvage some late blooming daises from her flower garden for my bouquet.  I thought I was it.  I wore that custom well into the Christmas season, refusing to surrender it even when it was in tatters. The following summer, Mom decorated our sun porch with bugs, butterflies and flowers for my brother’s 5th birthday party.  She stayed up late every night for weeks, cutting, pasting and coloring.  The porch was transformed into a garden oasis. My mom used to do things like that.  Nowadays,  not so much.  She is fully retired, has no little ones to take care of, and yet has no inclination to do anything creative anymore.  Several years ago, I dragged her to a Holiday Crafts Show.  She spent the two hours we were there walking up and down the aisles, negatively commenting on all the "over-priced crap” people put out there. “Look at that centerpiece.” she’d say.   “Does that woman actually think she is going to get $55 for that?” “You can do better Mom.”  I’d say. Determined that her retirement shouldn’t only be about the Palm Beach Post crossword puzzles and Wheel of Fortune, I took her to the Michael’s crafts store and we bought tons of Christmas knick-knacks, ribbons and green boughs.  “There, Mom!”  I said triumphantly as I stood in her guest bedroom.  “It’s January 5th, you have almost a whole year to make wreathes and centerpieces and stuff like that.  I’ll throw a Holiday brunch in early December and you can display your stuff.  Get busy.” That was three years ago.  She hasn’t made one item, yet still tells me how cruddy all the other stuff on the market is…. Why?  My mom is so talented.  I remember helping her set the Easter table, carefully putting down the dessert dishes she painted by hand.  I’d carry them as if they were offerings at the altar, slowly and methodically making my way to each place setting, holding my breath. Whenever we were sick as kids, wed curl up on her bed and pass the time until we felt better.  I’d stare at her water colors displayed on the wall for hours, wondering why I didn’t inherit her creativity and talent.  Now that she has the time, why not take advantage of all that talent? It’s November 29, 2010, I am crawling around her attic, unbeknownst to her, looking for all her Christmas crafts.  I am going to set up the guest room (again) and surprise her when she gets back from New York.  Maybe this will be the year she gets bitten by the bug and will once again create masterpieces….one can only hope! ***** xoxo Al

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