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Add Color to Your Rental Home - or Any Home

The Reggae Argyle Collection My friend is moving into her new condo the beginning of next month. Like most rental homes, the walls are painted 'rental beige' and the landlord is insisting on keeping the 'neutral' color. Note to landlord - beige is not a color, its a shade - at least in my opinion. She decided that she would inject some color into her rental decor by adding fabric to the walls, adding some colorful throw rugs, put up some window curtains and add some vibrant throw pillows. She asked if I would design some pillows that would (1) satisfy her color requirements (2) be a little feminine - but not frilly and (3) will  reflect her Rastafarian culture. Here are the options I came up with argyle pillowShe likes geometric shapes, so I based all the designs on a kind of argyle pattern. Here is the second option. red green and goldI added a daisy to the center diamond - that gave it the hint of femininity that she requested. However, her favorite flower is the rose, so I gave her that option as well. rose argyleI also wanted to add a personalized option. I think that in a rented space, you should have something that is distinctively yours. personalized pillowI like the lower case lettering, I think it whimsical and fun - like her. Once she selects the option she likes, I will digitally print the fabric and sew the pillows. (I think I am going to have all the options printed - if she does not like them, I can always use more color around my home), Here is how her sofa could look once I make the pillows.... [caption id="attachment_581" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Possible end result"]ikea sofa[/caption] Please let me know what you think. xoxo Al

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