Handmade Pillows - Decorate Kids' Bedrooms, Playrooms, Nurseries & More

This stylish line of boldly colored organic cotton throw pillows is designed to bring art, style and comfort to your home. Each design is printed with water-based environmentally inks.

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Girl blowing bubbles pillow
turtle pillow
garden pillow

blowing bubbles $60

Watching the turtles $60

Watering her garden $60

Catching butterflys $60


Turtle pillow
boy pillow
summer water play pillow

Jumping on his bed $60

Boy with turtles $60

Boy playing with a frog $60

Playing with water $60


blue pillow
Giraffe pillow
zebra pillow
blue pillow

Butterfly and Daisies $60

The Giraffe Pillow $60

Zebra pint Pillow $60

The Squirrel Family $60


Deer pillow
Dog lovers pillow

Ducks in a pond $60

Moma and baby deer $60

Two cute puppies $60

Fierce $60

Argyle pillow
reggae pillow
Reg green yellow pillow
animal pillow

Reggae chic Argile Pillow $50

Reggae Rock Pillow $60

Nautical Reggae Sunshine $60

Harmony Pillow $60


Beach Pillow $60 Two Cranes Pillow Jupiter Lighthouse Pillow $45 Boston Lighthouse Pillow
garden pillow
Bear Cubs Pillows
At the Beach Pillow $60 Bench in the Garden $60   Bear with Cubs Pillow $60

Decorate your home with graphic organic cotton pillows and throws, handcrafted to brighten any decor. Make a statement with designer pillows and other home accessories.

Unlike my larger competitors, I do not mass produce vast amounts of stock at a time and have it shipped over from far away lands. Instead I make my products right here in the USA to ensure unrivalled quality, and to support the local economy.

Each Design is initially hand-drawn before being finalised on a computer.