Colorful collection of pillows and beddings

Deer pillowChildren's room accessories has become a category which has been dominated largely by mass-produced, generic items, but it  is about to receive a bold, whimsical, high-style make-over with the debut of a break-through collection from Al McLeary. The modern collection of infant and children’s textiles is poised to create a style revolution, providing a fresh solution for families to one of the most widely faced design dilemmas. The alm design company  is the brainchild of Althea McLeary a native of Jamaica, currently living in South Florida. Al - as her mom called her,  decided to shake up the status quo and throw out the rule book. The result: a unique pillow and bedding collection for infants and children with a few items thrown in for the grownups.

Breaking out of the traditional, formula of "pink" for girls and "blue" for boys, The alm design company opens up a child’s world by offering the full spectrum of the color palette for their room.  The collection adds a bit of whimsy and playfulness while empowering families to maintain the same high standards of style and design throughout their home in their children’s rooms.

The alm design company currently features Handmade pillows, dIY pillow sets,  blankets, Lamp shades and wall art.

The use of natural fibers and no hard elements such as buttons or zippers embodies the spirit of both design and comfort.

About Al

I take a lighthearted approach toward designing products. I like my designs to tell a story, I like showcasing simplicity - children playing, animals in nature interacting - I enjoy the process of coming up with new ideas. Designing for me is creating things that are outside the norm, things that are different, things that are unique.