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Monogrammed Flower Pots – and other Plant Pot Hacks

by Al - April 15th, 2015.
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Flower Pot/Plant Pot Make Over

Mother’s day is fast approaching (May 10th, 2015) and instead of heading to the mall to purchase gifts for all my mommy friends, I opted to create handcrafted gifts.  And since I am obsessed with all thing garden, I decided to personalize a few inexpensive clay plant pots. You can pick up flower pots from IKEA for as low as .45 cents. Although I am sure you have a few clay pots lying around – so no shopping necessary🙂 BTW, these would make a great Birthday, Father’s day or Just because gift as well.

Monogrammed/Personalized Plant Pot

Monogrammed/Personalized Plant Pot

The process is simple, and (like I said) chances are, if you are a DIY enthusiast or a crafter, you may already have most of the supplies in your craft stash.

You will need:

  • Plant pot
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • A stencil of your initial
.45 cent IKEA Plant Pot

.45 cent IKEA Plant Pot

I found a few plant pots at IKEA for .45 cents. They were coated with a high gloss beige paint (say NO to beige). Since the finish had a high sheen, I had to cover the plant pot with 2 coats of spray on primer. After priming the pots, I painted on my base color – the color of my monogram. I only applied the color to the area that I will be placing the letter. In the example below, I wanted my letter to be yellow, so my base color here is yellow. 

Monogrammed flower Pot

Monogrammed flower Pot

While I waited for my base paint to dry, I prepared my monogram on my computer. In this case, I typed lower case letters a and ‘m’, madethem bold, sized them to 3.5 x 3.5 inches and printed the letters to a sheet of  ‘sticker’ paper (blank adhesive printer paper). I cut out my letters and once the paint dries, I affix each letter to a plant pot.

al Mc

al Mc

You can use any word processing or imaging software – I used Adobe Illustrator – and you can chose any font you like – upper or lower case. I happen to think that lower case fonts are more interesting. 

Monochromatic Monogram

Monochromatic Monogram


Once I was happy with the placement of my letter, I applied several coats of paint to the plant pot. I waited for the paint to dry, then I removed the letter to reveal a perfect monogrammed flower pot. I completed the process by applying a layer of polyurethane to seal and protect my project. This way, you will be able to use the pots indoors or out doors.


a is for Al

Since I was in a painting mood, I decided to paint a few more flower pots with abstract designs.

abstract shapes3

Abstract shapes

I had a few funky color nail polish that I picked up from a clearance bin in a dollar store. They were .25 cents each. Although I a fan of bold colors, I was a bit nervous about using these polishes. They had a high chemical smell and I was afraid that they could be carcinogenic or that I could loose an appendage if I applied them to my fingers and tootsies. So, after arming myself with a face mask, I taped off a few abstract shapes and painted a few funky colored shapes on my Ikea plant pots.

Abstract Plant Pot

Abstract Plant Pot

I like that you get a different pattern each time you rotate the pot. It’s like you have a new planter at every turn.

Perfect for succulents

Perfect for succulents

These planters have no  drainage holes, so I would not recommend planting directly in them. They are essentially a plant pot cover. Go ahead, use the cheap plastic pot that your plant came in – jus hide them or cover them up with you chic DIY plant pot.

abstract shapes4 I know what you are thinking, all my friends initials are ‘A’ or ‘M’, well no, those are my initials. I am keeping these masterpieces for myself:)

abstract shapes5


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