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Lighthouses – Another Nautical Inspiration

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

What is a lighthouse? It is typically a conical shaped tower that is designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses and used as a navigational aid for maritime pilots. Lighthouses can be at sea or on inland waterways. They mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs, safe entries to harbors, and can also assist in aerial […]

Girl With The Dragon Tattooed Pillow

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Last night I had a crazy dream, I dreamt that I got a tattoo of a dragon on my forearm. Instead of breathing fire, the dragon was breathing hearts and flowers. Why is this a crazy dream? I do not have any tattoos nor do I have piercings because I am deathly afraid of needles. […]

Adventures in Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Monday, June 10th, 2013

One of my passions is doing silk ribbon embroidery. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s beautiful, it’s instant gratification – its also very delicate. I mention this because I have 2 little girls under the age of 4 and they are fascinated with the lifelike 3 dimensional quality of silk ribbon embroidery. I loved making silk […]

The gray crowned crane inspiration

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

There are 2 gray crowned cranes living on the campus of my son’s high school. Each morning as I inch along with the traffic, I watch them as the go about their business. They seem to peacefully coexist with the noise and confusion that accompanies teenagers. One morning my son took a picture of the […]

The hello world handmade pillow

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

A few weeks ago I was walking to my mail box – yes, I still get snail mail– and saw my two young neighbors (Lets call them M and J) enjoying a lovely Florida day on their bike. As I approached J turned and waved – “hey Al” – “Hey J, please be careful”, I […]

Florida Fall Wreath

Friday, November 4th, 2011

They say you know it’s fall in Florida when the licenses plates being to change. Unlike our seasonal visitors from “up north” we do not have changing foliage as an indicator of fall. This year, I decided to welcome fall with a South Florida style creation. Over the summer, I had a new AC unit […]

Original art on a Budget

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I am passionate about modern art. I try to support independent artist whenever possible. But these days my budget is a little tight, so I satisfy my art desire by attending local art shows and museums. Last Saturday I  met artist Sandy Meyer at the Village Art Studios in Tequesta, Florida. She had a great […]

DIY Personalized back to school projects

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

One of my nieces will be entering middle school this year. In an effort to sent her back to school in style, she and I worked on a few projects  that will make her stand out – in a good way. Staples had a sale on composition books – they were 10 cents each – […]

My Silk Ribbon Garden

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Each mother’s day I treat myself to something handmade. This year I decided to treat myself to something I made – you see, I am always creating for others, but never for myself. As I was looking around my house for some kind of inspiration, I came across a project that I did about 10 […]

Someone’s knocking at the door

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

That someone is my son. I bribed him with a snicker bar to pose for the picture seen below.   Some one’s knocking at the door. I changed the image to gray scale and printed it to a piece of cotton fabric. I added flowers to the basked using various spring colored silk ribbon. I […]