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Adventures in Silk Ribbon Embroidery

One of my passions is doing silk ribbon embroidery. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s beautiful, it’s instant gratification – its also very delicate. I mention this because I have 2 little girls under the age of 4 and they are fascinated with the lifelike 3 dimensional quality of silk ribbon embroidery. I loved making silk ribbon embroidered pillows, but the little ones would destroy them as soon as I made them. I started putting them on the wall instead.


Silk Ribbon Embroidery Wreath

Recently, I came up with another idea. I can display my SRE projects with my succulents. Growing succulents is not just a passion, its an obsession. These plants are what I call user friendly plants – if I can grow them, anyone can. Trust me, my home used to be where plants came to die. But not anymore – or at least, not as often as before🙂

Here is what I did:- I have a few unattractive containers around the house so I up-cycled them by covering them with my SRE creations.


Sun Flowers Silk Ribbon Embroidery

candy jarThe project above was done during my animal print phase. I stitched some sunflowers on a piece of animal print velvet. I used 3 stitches in this projects, ribbon or stab stitch, french knot and stem stitch. (This project was formally a pillow, but now it accompanies one of my succulents).

The process was simple, I cut away the embroidered portion and wrapped it around a candy canister I had lying around – I knew that I would find a great use for this container at some point – I used fabric glue (’cause that’s what I had on hand) to affix the fabric to the canister. I chose one of my many succulent plants (the plant is in a separate pot) and placed it in my new up-cycled silk ribbon embroidered vase/plant pot.

I can easily switch out the plants as my mood dictates. or I can use this vase as a stylish storage solution.

Animal print with sunflower SRE

Animal Print Vase

Another pillow turned vase is this rose bouquet I embroidered on a piece of purple velvet.

Purple Velvet

Purple Velvet

This red rose bouquet embroidered on grey velvet (shown below) narrowly escaped the destructive hands of my little ones. Now  its paired with another of my succulent arrangements and places well out of harms way.

Red roses on grey velvet

Red roses on grey velvet

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